Elit Sukses Sekuritas provides a communication channel for stakeholders to submit reports of violations or irregularities related to Elit Sukses Securities, called the Whistleblowing System. This is one way for the company to increase the value of corporate ethics, including the principles of corporate governance and adherence to the provisions that apply to Elit Sukses Securities.

The Elit Sukses Securities Whistleblowing System (WBS) facilitates reporting conducted anonymously and confidentially maintained, reports received will be managed and followed up by the Internal Audit & Compliance Division.

Reports can be made in Indonesian or English, and will be responded to and further investigated with procedures that protect the rights of reporters and reported parties.

Matters that can be reported as determined include: embezzlement, corruption, theft, violation of the Elit Sukses Securities policy, conflicts of interest, fraudulent financial statements, bribery, harassment, discrimination, violations of health and safety at work.

Available WBS channels, in the form of:

Mail with address

Internal Audit & Compliance Division

PT. Elit Sukses Securities

Equity Tower Building 15th Floor D

Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 50-53

Jakarta 12190

Telephone: 021-29035177

Email: info@elitsekuritas.com

All complaints submitted through WBS will be addressed to the Internal Audit & Compliance Division, and then it will be determined whether it needs to be followed up with an investigation. If an investigation is needed, it can be done internally or to an external party according to the type of reporting.